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"When" "From where" "Wherever" Full customized cruise

(Note) Boarding time is accepted from 1 hour.
Here is a boarding within 1 week from today

  • 【 Target date 】After 7 days (Open every day)
  • 【 Business hours 】9:00~20:00
  • 【 A landing 】「Click here」for the boarding platform
    Please choose the place of departure and departure place from all 30 places.
    From Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Kiyosumi Shirakawa to Haneda, the best variety in Tokyo.
    You can freely shoot photos and stop around while you stop.
    Recommended courses are convenient for those who are new.
  • 【 Getting on and off 】It can be reserved from 60 minutes (In the form below it will be possible to book from 30 minutes, please reserve from 60 minutes)
  • 【 Price 】Standard fee per voyage 60 minutes 13,500 yen (tax included)
    A maximum of 6 people can board a boat within the price

Slope / Recommended Course Map

【TWT Recommended course】

BEST 1. Panama Canal Experience in Japan ♪
It is guidance for the limited time until the end of September for the construction of Owashi Bridge Lock to begin.
Shinagawa or Tamachi disaster prevention pier departure → Takahashi Experience the Owarabashi Lock gate on the way off.
Canal (Shibaura area) → via Rainbow Bridge → Katsuobashi Bridge (Tsukiji) → Fuda River (Fanbashi Lockmen) return trip → Takahashi (Kiyosumi Shirakawa) get off at
Boarding time: 1.5h course

BEST 2. Nihonbashi Departure Nihonbashi river → Suidobashi → Kanda river → (Ochanomizu, Akihabara) → Pass through a traditional houseboat area → Kamejima River → Nihonbashi
Boarding time: 1.5h course * Because we pass low bridge, we may adjust the schedule and time of your choice. It is possible.

BEST 3. We recommend Shinagawa · Tamachi · Katsuobashi · Nihonbashi departure.
The tide level is limited to 60 cm to 80 cm. We will guide you through a special canal where time zones that can pass through are limited. Schedule & time are consulted slowly
Canal cruise + Kuubafu bridge, Dai Yokogawa area. Waterside of Tokyo where many cherry trees stand. Actually autumn leaves are also beautiful.
Boarding time: 1.5h course

The course above is 3,375 yen per person when boarding six people. (One boat charter fee of up to six people can board boarding 20,250 yen including tax) You can bring in your favorite food and drinks. With outlet for charging, with air conditioner and toilet.
Payment is also possible in advance credit settlement, transportation IC, credit card, cash on the day.

Reservation Form

Port List

*1 Currently available stops are 30 ports listed below.(Scheduled for expansions in the future)
*2 Please note that all port facilities require guests to make reservations at least seven days prior to use.The required number of days in advance to make reservations may vary depends on the port.
*3 Business hours vary depend on the port facility. TWT will inform the business hours of the port facility of your choice via e-mail or phone call.
*4 As of now, payments are required to be made in advance through bank transfer.(Credit card payments will be available in the future.)
*5 Maximum number of passengers is six people. The fee is flat regardless of the number of passengers.
*6 Please see below for business hours of each pier. Choices are available depending on the business hours.

Service information is also available on the SERVICE page in the Tokyo Water Taxi website.

  • Select the date for your water taxi trip.

  • Select the departing port from the available ports.

  • Select the time of your departure.

  • Select the arrival port.

  • Select the time of arrival.

  • Enter your information.

  • Click the reservation button.

  • We will contact you whether or not the reservation has been processed.

  • If the reservation has been processed, make an advance payment via bank transfer.

  • Enjoy your water taxi ride on the reservation date

TWT is looking forward to serving you.

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* Some piers are unavailable on certain dates due to holidays.
Please select the dates after confirming the holidays above. (The reservation date must be over seven days from today.)

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